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What is Doble R Media?

It is a company with a fresh perspective on how companies can reach their customers.
We believe in using social media, digital marketing and the Internet can help all businesses grow, especially if you can tell the story of your business well. Our team is bilingual and bicultural, so they will tell your story correctly and in an interesting way that will bring customers to you.

Liz Ramirez, Managing Director

STAFF_Liz Ramirez

Liz Ramirez is the daughter of Silvia and Luis Ramirez. They both emigrated from their home in Mexico to the United States to give their children a better a life. Silvia is from Calvillo, Aguascalientes, Mexico and Luis is from Totatiche, Jalisco, Mexico. Liz has two younger sisters, Daisy and Sonia, both attending the University of Oklahoma. Along with her sisters, Liz was raised in a traditional Mexican home, following their customs and traditions, and Spanish was their first language and continues to be the language they speak at home. She grew up in south Oklahoma City, right around the Historic Capitol District.

She attended Oklahoma City Public Schools, and is a graduate of Harding Charter Preparatory. By her senior year of high school, she knew she wanted to work in the Communications industry, specifically working with the Hispanic community.

Liz received a Bachelor’s in Spanish and in Mass Communications from Oklahoma City University.

There are many misconceptions about the Hispanic community, often times present in advertising. Translations gone wrong, language that doesn’t resonate, and flat out ignorance of the culture are some of the few reasons why people are not able to reach the Hispanic community effectively. Some strategists are spectators, rather than members of the community, that cannot fully grasp the culture. This is where Liz’s passion lies: to present the Hispanic community with a well-crafted marketing strategy that encompasses their culture.

From this passion came Doble R Media — a full-service marketing agency that is not only bilingual, but also bicultural. Our team of experienced strategists understand the culture, customs, passions and values of the community we serve and how to effectively connect with them. We will strive to help our clients have a strong brand presence, strengthen their consumer loyalty, expand their follower growth and increase their return on investment. Alongside the Doble R team, Liz hopes to deliver detail-oriented, organized, expertly planned and executed strategies.

If you have any questions, email Liz@DobleR.Media or call Liz Ramirez at (405)501-6500